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Allen Ginsberg, ” The Lion For Real “.

For Real…don’t cling.


What if Sartre was Right? ~ And Other Musings on Belief

Press On…

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In 1939, Jean Paul Sartre wrote what is probably his most well-known pieces of short fiction, The Wall (I realize you may have not heard of it, but if you even know that Sartre was a French existentialist you get a gold star for the day).  The story is set in the Spanish Civil War and the main character, Pablo, has been arrested as a member of the opposition.  In short order he is sentenced to death.  The story mostly consists of Pablo’s chronicling the overnight hours as he and his two cell mates await their certain death.  He notes changes as the reality of impending doom sets in and the condemned men cease to be fully alive, long before their hearts stop beating.  Many chose to focus on this part of the story and what it means to be alive

I, however, have always been intrigued by the ending…

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Psychotherapy Off the Wall

Originally posted on rmreynoldsblog:
PSYCHOTHERAPY OFF THE WALL, continued A Surreptitious Sadist Harry, a man in his early thirties, was admitted to the correctional centre having been convicted of several counts of sadistically killing cattle. He had been employed as a farm labourer and thus…

Psychotherapy Off the Wall

Originally posted on rmreynoldsblog:
PSYCHOTHERAPY OFF THE WALL, continued Most victims of sadistic attack would find the notion, that the attack was perceived as retaliation by the perpetrator, hard or impossible to understand or to accept. And, indeed, the provocation involved is often very nearly…


You got it right Daniel. Such a hard thing to do but you got it right.


“Lost Luggage”, a new Shirt.Woot t-shirt design by Matt Leyen.

“You have NO idea what I’ve been through.” I’ve heard this frequently from those who have walked a road of suffering and yes, it’s true, I don’t know; honestly it doesn’t matter. I’m not being harsh or cold, but we cannot move forward without letting go of the past, and I’d bet my life on it. If you really do want help, or know someone who does, the best thing is stop worrying about where you came from and start caring about where you are going. Don’t think that what once happened is doomed to repetition. Don’t talk about how others have let you down, or how you’ve let yourself down, and  don’t relive it, just leave it behind. No more sentences are allowed that begin with “it’s too bad…….” or “what if….” This is the ONLY way to progress. Excuses are the enemy. They are bred exclusively from what cannot be changed or affected. EVERYONE who has stepped from chaos into harmony has…

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