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Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

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Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

another interesting case though unfortunately the outcome not so desirable for the patient. Thank you


PSYCHOTHERAPY Out of Bounds, continued
After about the tenth session, Trina reported some strange sensations. Her mother took her to her physician. He examined her and declared to them that Trina could now ‘see’ – that she had 20/200 vision (meaning that she could see at 20 feet what the normal person can see at 200 feet). Everyone was shocked at this unexpected development. But the expected joyous consequences were not to be. Indeed, it looked as though this silver lining was little more than a cloud.
Trina had been told she could see. Therefore, she concluded, it was no longer necessary for her attend the school for the blind. But she could not see. Her eyes, never having been fixated by light, roamed randomly around in their sockets. It is true that, as they passed any particular patch or shape of colour around her, she could distinguish the patch…

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Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

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PSYCHOTHERAPY Out of Bounds, continued Paula started taking 200 micrograms of chromium (replacing that with magnesium when the chromium started making her ‘feel sick’) which, as in many people, seemed to bring her blood sugar down somewhat and to help stabilize…