Teaching Children with Autism – Political Leverage


Teaching Children with Autism – Political Leverage 

Thinking about autism flyers, I have been wondering how to explain the issues to the parents of children that are not autistic. Here are a few thoughts:

In 2000, the Ontario government set up a program to treat children with autism, based on what has been shown to work.

They didn’t fund it properly, so there soon became a long waiting list.

Some children have been on the waiting list for more than four years.

The Ontario government has decided to shorten the waiting list by kicking kids older than four off of it, regardless of how long they have been waiting for the treatment that they have been promised.

That is not right.  Their eligibility needs to be reinstated.

The way to shorten the wait list is not to discriminate against children older than four, but to fund more of the treatment that these children…

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