Repairs and Fine Tuning 

Seems we are either bringing our cars or some instrument or item in need of repair into the shops or our bodies into the gyms or our doctor’s offices. Constantly we are in need of new parts, infusions, devices, other things to keep us moving and grooving.

This process begins early for most of us and continues until our final resting spot.

When do we stop? How much is enough? When do we pour it on?

At some point in this laborious process we stop along our paths deep breathe and decide. We decide when we have had enough repairs and or fine tunings and we make those big decisions.

Cancer has touched almost all of us in one way or another. I personally have lost both my beloved mother and my dear sister to the big bad C. Both of these precious hearts made decisions along their journey and at the end of their paths. Decisions about what would be enough or how much they wanted to be repaired.

It is interesting to me as it may be to you that given the choices we have in life, still sometimes we make decisions based solely on immediate gains. Or we make ill informed decisions or let others make decisions for us. Either way these are important decisions and perhaps we should take more time in thinking about them and share them with the people we love.

 And the wheel goes round and round and round.


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